Communication Multilingue Organisation

Communication Multilingue Organisation (CMO) is a highly specialised company that provides professional simultaneous interpretation and written translation services. The firm was founded by practicing interpreters who are members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), and work at the top echelons of international organisations and major scientific, political, economic and cultural events. 

  • Conference interpretation can be simultaneous, consecutive or whispered. Simultaneous interpretation is provided from a booth and requires sound control equipment, whereas consecutive interpretation is given after the speaker has finished. Whispered interpretation is a kind of simultaneous interpretation for just one or two participants and does not require technical equipment.

  • "The spoken word is ephemeral, the written word is eternal" While conference interpretation is the oral rendering of a speech in another language, translation is in writing. Interpreters are sometimes viewed as intercultural mediators who have to adapt a given message to the specific cultural context of their public, whereas translators comply with different requirements. We entrust your texts to experienced translators conversant with the subject, who work exclusively into their mother tongues. In translation, expert knowledge of the topic is indispensable. We therefore have a truly global network of translators in order to cover all languages and all subjects. Like interpretation, translation engages the responsibility of the author and CMO as service supplier. We are therefore extremely demanding and rigorous. Each translation is checked and revised to guarantee optimal quality.

  • Simultaneous interpretation requires booths and sound control equipment. When conference centres are not equipped with such permanent technical facilities, we can put you in touch with the leading professionals in this area.

  • The freelance conference interpreters we recruit work in accordance with the AIIC code of ethics. The International Association of Conference Interpreters is our spokesman at the main international organisations (United Nations, EU, WTO, WHO, etc) on all matters pertaining to conditions of work and professional ethics.

  • The International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) currently comprises over 2 800 members in 99 countries around the world. Membership of AIIC guarantees a high professional standard and compliance with a strict code of ethics.